The National Dialogue Conference Technical Committee held a number of meetings to discuss member representation. In considering the matter, the committee took into account both the opinions of international experts and the committee’s own members.

With the aim of placing national interests above factional interests – and with an awareness of Yemen’s extraordinary circumstances – the Technical Committee discussed key representational matters such as group sizes and proportions. The committee also addressed overall requirements in achieving change and facilitating Yemen’s transition into an entirely new era in its modern history.

Keeping in mind that this transition requires the establishment of principles of reconciliation and true partnerships in building a new Yemen, the Technical Committee discussed the factions and entities participating in the National Dialogue, as well as the number of their representatives; the mechanism for selecting members of the National Dialogue; general criteria for participation; and the specific names of conference members.

Among the Technical Committee’s decisions following its discussion on representation were guaranteed representation for the southern population at a rate of at least 50% of the total number of conference members, and guaranteed representation for women at a rate of 30% and youth at a rate of 20% of all participating groups and entities.

In selecting the National Dialogue Conference members, the Technical Committee did its utmost to achieve a balance reflective of all segments of Yemeni society.

The conference seats were distributed among the following political parties and segments of society:

General People's Congress and its allies*
Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah Party)
Socialist Party
Nasserite Unionist Party
Five government parties (Arab Socialist Baath party, Yemeni Unionist Congregation, Union of Popular Forces, National Council and Al-Haqq Party: 4x5=20)
Peaceful Southern Movement
Independent Youth**
Civil Society Organizations
Other entities: Rashad Party (7 seats), Justice and Development Party (7), and 62 members appointed by the President of the Republic

* The allies include the Democratic Nasserite Party, National Democratic Front, September Democratic Organization, Liberation Front Party, Yemen League Party, National Social Party, Popular Unionist Liberation Party, Yemeni Popular Unity Party, Democratic People's Party (Assembly), Green Social Party, Democratic Union of Popular Forces, Arab Socialist Nationalist Baath Party and Republican Union of Popular Forces.

** Youths who are not affiliated organizationally with the political parties. In total, youths will have 145 conference seats (105 for youths affiliated with parties and other constituencies and 40 for youths who aren’t affiliated with a political party).


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