NDC Member Selection Mechanism


Groups, parties and other entities – excluding youths, women and civil society organizations – were charged with establishing their own internal methods for selecting National Dialogue members. These choices were made in accordance with general criteria and percentages established to ensure the representation of southerners, women and youths.

The selection mechanism was established with the following guidelines and criteria in mind:

The Technical Committee and other entities may nominate persons to be included in the list of social and political groups to be composed by the President of the Republic. The President may make additional appointments and make final decisions on such appointments. The list will be prepared after agreement has been reached on the names on all other lists.

Regarding the mechanism for selecting candidates from the women, youth, and civil society groups, the Technical Committee will establish, from among its members, two committees: one to select the youth, women and civil society groups in northern governorates and one to select such groups in southern governorates. Each committee will be comprised of seven members who possess experience and knowledge concerning these groups. These committees may consult with whomever they wish, as needed.

The selection advisory committee will widely distribute an invitation to submit requests to participate in the conference along with a description of the selection process. The committee will provide a 10-day period between the announcement of the selection process and the final date for the submission of requests. After the selection committee receives the requests to participate in the conference, the selection advisory committee will supervise the selection process as follows:

- It will study the requests of applicants based on the above-mentioned criteria.

- It will sort the requests according to the criteria, prepare a list of candidates who meet the established criteria and submit the list to the Technical Committee for its approval.

- It will notify the participants that they have been approved and will make all necessary organizational arrangements to ensure their participation.

- It will submit the list of candidates selected by all the constituencies and entities to the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee will submit the list to the President of the Republic for review at least two weeks before the start of the conference.

- Regarding civil society organizations, the selection advisory committee will nominate the best 40 organizations in the various fields, giving priority to professional unions, syndicates and associations operating at the level of the Republic and major civil society organizations of relevance to dialogue topics. The Technical Committee will select 20 such organizations, and each organization will be represented by two persons.

A reserve list of 10 members will be prepared for each constituency, in the event that any members need to be replaced.

No candidate may be nominated to represent more than one group/entity.

The lists of all groups/entities must represent all Yemeni governorates.

Women and youth group candidates must meet the following criteria:

- The participants, whether individuals or organizations, must not be affiliated with a political party.

- They must be members of active organizations or their participation in public activities must be proven. With respect to youth, they must be activists in the revolutionary arena.

- They must evidence competence in and contribution to the issues relating to the concerned group and must have been involved in ongoing, documented activity in the area in which the group is active.

- The persons recommended must have knowledge of the issues of the group which they represent.

- Youth participants must be under 40 years of age.

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