Community Participation FAQ


1) What is the purpose of NDC community participation efforts? 

The NDC’s community participation efforts represent one of the most important guarantees that conference outcomes will meet with the aspirations of all segments of Yemeni society. At the same time, these efforts will serve to foster genuinely positive reactions to the NDC.


2) What legal framework underlies the NDC’s community participation efforts?

On July 14, 2012, Presidential Decree No. 30 stipulated the establishment of the Technical Committee for Dialogue Preparations. Provision 8 of the decree included the following two points:

  1. Civil society organizations and citizens in Yemeni governorates should be encouraged to hold their own deliberations and preparatory meetings on issues to be discussed by the NDC, either before or during the holding of the NDC, and the Technical Committee does not have the right to intervene in such activities.
  2. The NDC should accept and look into the results of such deliberations. 


3) What are the goals of NDC community participation efforts?

The Community Participation Unit was established by the NDC Secretariat General to achieve the following aims:

  1. Providing every Yemeni citizen with the opportunity to participate in the NDC.
  2. Addressing various citizen issues at the NDC.
  3. To ensure that Yemeni citizens’ interests are the driving force behind conference decision-making processes.
  4. Enhancing opportunities to enable societal segments which are lacking representation or are underrepresented at the NDC to participate in conference decision-making processes.
  5. Producing NDC outcomes and decisions which meet with high levels of acceptance by a broad range of societal segments, thereby promoting political and economic stability in Yemen.


4) Who has the right to participate in the NDC?

Every Yemeni inside and outside the country has the right to participate in the NDC.


5) What is the role of the Secretariat General’s Community Participation Unit?

The unit encourages civil society organizations to play a positive role in facilitating community participation efforts. It is also responsible for conveying information about the NDC’s mechanisms and topics to local organizations by way of community discussions. The ultimate goal is the procurement of community ‘visions’ and perceptions which directly relate to conference topics and issues.


6) Does the Secretariat General play a role in choosing which civil society organizations will participate at the NDC?

No; the Secretariat General does not play such a role, as it is not entitled to make decisions regarding participation - its role is to provide technical assistance. 


7) Does the Secretariat General provide financial aid for community participation activities or projects?

No, it does not.


8) What mechanism guides community participation efforts?

There are a number of mechanisms which facilitate NDC community participation efforts, including the following:

  1. Civil society organizations and research centers play a key role in conducting surveys to obtain public opinions on NDC issues. They organize seminars and workshops and conduct research at a grassroots level in urban and rural areas and then prepare reports based on the obtained results.
  2. ‘NDC tents’: Organizations pitch tents in public places in rural areas to provide people with the opportunity to observe NDC activities via televisions and lead detailed discussions on conference activities. The same tents also host Secretariat General representatives, who answer queries concerning the NDC and relevant topics.
  3. Media: Media outlets provide coverage of NDC activities for citizens and play a key role in conducting and providing the results of surveys which aim to cull opinions about the NDC. Such coverage takes the form of television programs, field coverage and focused discussions with specialists. Local broadcasting stations can serve to carry the voices of citizens to NDC members.
  4. Open lines: The community participation unit creates open and free lines for community participants, including forums on the Secretariat General’s website and through the use of social media websites. Proposals and comments can be communicated via telephone, by email, or by fax.
  5. Direct interviews: Field teams conduct direct interviews with citizens on the subject of conference topics throughout Yemen.


9) How can one ensure that the results of community participation efforts make their way to the conference itself?

The Secretariat General is mindful of the importance of transparent and effective community participation efforts and of facilitating public access to NDC reports; arrangements have been made to enable all citizens to follow up on their participation efforts, as well as to confirm that their contribution was received and handled by NDC working groups.


10) How can I contact the Community Participation Unit?

You can contact us if you have questions or wish to participate in the NDC at the following website addresses:


We can also be reached via email at or using by contacting either of the following Community Participation Unit representatives:


Amal Abdulqadir

Community Participation Unit Director

00967 737 888 581


Hussein bin Hussein

Civil Society Organization Coordinator

00967 737 888 316



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