Security Department

The responsibilities of the NDC Security Department are as follows:

1) To provide a secure atmosphere for NDC members.

2) Second, to secure the Secretariat General’s headquarters and offices at Sana’a’s Mövenpick Hotel and Tourist City.

3) To coordinate with military and security units which have been tasked with securing and protecting NDC facilities and property at Sana’a’s Mövenpick Hotel and Tourist City.

4) To prepare and distribute entry passes for members, employees and local and foreign visitors in accordance with requests from the NDC Secretariat General and to monitor passage at street checkpoints, entrances at the Mövenpick Hotel, and at the entrance to conference meeting halls.

5) To secure conference halls used by all nine NDC working groups, and to thoroughly check the halls both before and after members have left them.

6) To accompany NDC members and employees during field visits in Sana'a and to other Yemeni governorates, and to coordinate with security institutions to allow for safe and secure travel.

7) To coordinate with government ministries in the preparation of security plans designed to ensure the safety and protection of NDC members during visits with Sana’a and to other Yemeni governorates.

8) To receive, handle and address complaints from NDC members, following up with relevant institutions when needed.

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