Conference Operations Department


The Conference Operations Department is tasked with the following responsibilities:

1) Purchasing necessary materials and preparing all offices and departments for the NDC.

2) Arranging for and supervising parking facilities.

3) Issuing NDC identity cards to members, employees, security personnel, and members of the media.

4) Handling and distributing invitations, and transferring and receiving members at opening ceremonies.

5) Printing all papers of the NDC sessions in coordination with the Department of Media and UNOPS in terms of press jobs.

6) Ensuring that a wide range of services, including access to a bank and clinic, are available at the NDC’s main site.

7) Facilitating the carrying out of tasks by working group members, including group coordinators and rapporteurs.

8) Providing means of transportation for conference members.


Department Sections:

Event Management:

1) Coordinating communication and efforts between all providers of conference member, employee and guest services.

2) Receiving and handling all department application forms in preparation for conference events.

3) Coordinating matters involving events, activities, meetings, guests, and the use of halls with the Technical Support Committee, Community Participation Department, and working group rapporteurs.


Identity Card Issuance:

1) Collecting information on conference participants, including individuals’ photographs.

2) Issuing identity cards to NDC members, employees, volunteers, security personnel, and members of the media.

3) Coordinating with Human Resources in the case of modifying or omitting some errors in papers.



1) Receiving orders from members of the Secretariat General.

2) Reviewing purchase applications to ensure usability of potential purchases.

3) Communicating/coordinating with suppliers to obtain the best prices for goods and services.

4) Coordination with UNOPS with regard to purchase terms.

5) Following up with UNOPS with regard to of payment processes.

6) Completing all necessary procedures with suppliers of conference materials and equipment.


Hall Management:

1) Facilitating the efforts of all working groups and group coordinators.

2) Preparing and submitting paperwork dealing with working group and group coordinator needs.

3) The Hall Supervisor acts in the capacity of a secretary for working group chairpersons.

4) Coordinating with the Events Coordinator when making logistical arrangements.

5) Regulating the movement of members of the media in coordination with the Event Coordinator and working group chairpersons.

6) Submitting a daily report to the Events Coordinator.


Transportation Department:

1) Appointing communications officers to working groups when chairpersons are absent.

2) Keeping a regular inventory of buses, cars and available drivers.

3) Coordinating with conference security personnel, including hotel security, three security checkpoints leading to the main site, and security agents stationed at the conference main site.

4) Transporting conference participants and ensuring the presence of volunteers and security guards around all buses at times of arrival and departure.

5) Preparing buses and cars to be used for the transport of conference participants in the event of an emergency.

6) Coordinating with UNOPS to provide meals for volunteers, drivers and security personnel.


Mohammed Nashwan, Director of Operations

Amira Al-Sagheer, Assistant Director of Operations

Hamza Al-Mahaqer, Activities Coordinator

Haitham Al-Dhabibi, Identity Card Issuer

Hassan Al-Yarobi, Purchases Officer

Mohammed Al-Qudsi, Hall Director

Ra'ad al-Dhabibi, Hall Director

Ali Monaser, Hall Director

Majid al-Namer, Hall Director

Ibrahim Ghanem, Hall Director

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