Internal Auditing Department


This department functions with clear and direct authority and audits all operations and records without restrictions. It supervises the processing of conference documents in a timely manner and in accordance with international auditing standards, relevant Yemeni laws, and conference bylaws set by the NDC Secretariat General.

Audits performed by the department take one of the following four forms:

1) Preliminary audits are performed before funds are released to ensure that spending is done in accordance with the Secretariat General’s financial bylaws and budget, as well as the conference’s schedule.

2) Subsequent audits are performed after funds are released to ensure the security of financial records on the one hand, and on the other to perform a review of accounts and bank deposits using auditing procedures which are generally such financial operations.

3) The department also conducts organizational reviews which aim to evaluate the effectiveness of communication and cooperation amongst departments and various units. Departments’ competence with regard to effectively exchanging information either with other departments or with members of the Secretariat General’s leadership is also evaluated. Through such evaluations, the Internal Auditing Department is able to identify obstacles and contribute to improved, open channels of communication between conference employees.

4) Special audits of businesses and operations which are involved with the NDC are undertaken by the Internal Auditing Department after orders to do so are received from the NDC Secretary General.

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