Conference Relations Department


The Conference Relations Department addresses all member administrative and financial services and needs, thereby affording the members sufficient time perform their duties. Additionally, the department responds to the needs of the NDC Presidency, Consensus Committee, and Standards Committee.

The department is composed of four main units, as follows:

Delegate Affairs

NDC Services

Communications Center

NDC Database


There are a total of 17 male and female employees in the department.


The following is a breakdown of the main responsibilities of each of the department’s four units:

The Delegate Affairs Unit is charged with providing stipends to conference members for attending meetings and as compensation for living expenses and transportation costs. The Delegate Affairs Section is also responsible for providing payments for members of the NDC Presidency, Consensus Committee and Standards Committee.

The NDC Services Unit is charged with receiving and handling various daily requests from the nine working groups with supervising the distribution of services. It is also responsible for handling pressing requests without delay.

The Communications Center is charged with handling requests to communicate with and contact delegates; the requests are usually made by Secretariat General departments or the chairpersons of the nine working groups and concern working group members, the NDC Presidency and the Consensus and Standards Committees.

Such communication generally takes place using text messages or telephone calls. The Communication Center is also responsible for receiving and answering NDC member queries and for providing members with notifications.

The Database Unit is responsible for establishing a database of NDC members, and with updating the database by making note of member replacements, transfers, deletions, and additions.

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