Yasser Al-Roaini


Second NDC Deputy Secretary General

Born on July 15, 1984, in Ibb, Yemen, Al-Roaini is married and has three children.


- Pursing a PhD in the Religion and Politics Department at Hassan ll University, Kingdom of Morocco

- Received a master’s degree from Aleman University in 2008

- Pursuing a master’s degree at the Constitutional Law and Political Institutions Department at Hassan ll University, Kingdom of Morocco

- Received a license to practice law from Sana’a University in 2007

- Received a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Law from Aleman University in 2004

- Received an education certificate in Quranic science from the Al-Hajer Institute in 2003

Graduated from high school in 2000


Work Experience:

- Member of the NDC Technical Committee

- Chairman of the Supreme Youth Committee and National Youth Conference Preparatory Committee

- 2008-2010:  Secretary General of Life Makers Association, Sana'a

- 2008-2011:  General Manager of Al-Aqsa Association, Yemen

- 2006-2008:  Trainer at Al-Maref Institute, Ibb

- 2006-2010:  Human Development Trainer at Benaa Training and Qualifications Institute, Sana'a

- 2007-2009:  President of General Student Union, Aleman University

- Participated in regional conference entitled "Our voice, Our Society:  Toward New Horizons in the Role of Arab Youths in Development," organized by USAID and held in Morocco from November 14-17, 2011

- Participated in numeroius local and international youth conferences and activities.


Administrative courses:

- Received institutional manager certification from the Studies and Research  Center at Cairo University, 2010

- Received human resources management certificate from the World Bank Business Edge Program, 2006

- Received neural linguistic programming certificate from the American Board, 2006

- Received suggestive hypnosis certificate from American Board, 2006

- Received computer skills certificate from Bena'a Institute, 2008

- Received supervisory and management skills certificate, 2009

- Certified as human development trainer by the International Academy for Training and Development, Britain, 2006

- Certified as an administrative trainer by Effective Training Skills, United States, 2006

- Received International Trainer's license from the British Academy, 2007


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