NDC Consensus Committee

According to the NDC bylaw, the NDC Consensus Committee is composed from NDC Presidency and NDC working groups' chairpersons, in addition to a number of members from the Technical Committee for the preparation of the NDC, will be appointed by the President in the committee.

Al-Shuaibi stated that the meeting with Hadi had produced a decision to include members from civil society organizations and youth and women’s segments on the Consensus Committee which will be responsible for approving Yemen’s new constitution following the NDC’s conclusion.

The representation inside the committee should be represented all political components equally, 50% of the delegates should come from the south, 50% from the north, 30% women.

The Consensus Committee will be tasked with the following;

1-Reaching a consensus among members of the working groups in controversial issues and suggested proposals as solutions.

2-Consulating among the committee's members and components in controversial issues in order to reach a consensus.

3-Coordinating between outcomes of the NDC working groups.

4-Making the NDC bylaw clear

5-Fowllowing up the implementation of the NDC outcomes during and after the NDC conclusion.

On June 2, 2013 President Hadi issued the Presidential decree No. 41 for forming the NDC Consensus Committee as follows; the committee consists of the NDC Presidency and the chairpersons of the working groups, along with Tawakul Abdel-Salam Khaled Karman, Hossam Shargabi, Hussein Mohamed Arab, Abdelkader Humaydan, Dr. Saleh Ali Bassourra, Dr. Mohammad Musa al-Amiri. The decree specified the mission and responsibilities of the Consensus Committee. Also the decree specified the committee's mechanism.

The decree stipulated that each member of the NDC Presidency should appoint his representative to attend meetings of the Consensus Committee, as well as all Chairpersons of NDC working groups should appoint their first deputies to represent them at meetings when they were absent. 

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